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Animes that Make Me Want to Shoot More Photography

There are not many movies or shows that follow a photographer and his or her craft. Anime is no different. Most animes have photography as a minor inclusion in the story, but most of the time it’s one minor character who is randomly taking (often ecchi) photographs. I wanted to share a few anime gems […]

Canon AE-1 Program Review

The Canon AE-1 was originally released in 1976 and the updated AE-1 Program was released 5 years later in 1981. Both are a 35mm SLR that used FD mount lenses. The main difference between the two cameras was that the updated AE-1 Program had a feature called the Program AE mode which was first seen […]

Photography Couples Actually Worth Following


Our mission with our blog and social media is to inspire people to pursue their creative passions. If we could¬† help inspire even a handful people to pick up their camera or book their first international trip, all of this would be worth it. Therefore we wanted to share some photography couples that we found […]

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