How We Met Maru

I had always wanted to be a dog dad. I’ve taken care of a few dogs in the past, but none of them were my own. Late last year, Molly’s dad randomly brought up that if we were to ever adopt a dog, he would help take care of him when we traveled. After that conversation, I couldn’t wait any longer. Even before we moved out from our roomate’s and before we got married, I somehow convinced Molly to agree on adopting a puppy. 

Molly was adamant about adopting a rescue rather than buying from a breeder. I liked the idea, but the process was not as simple as I had hoped. It put us through a frustrating series of applications that I didn’t know would require so much patience. We searched online for rescue organizations and also visited an animal shelter in person. We applied for several dogs, all of which we thought we’d be accepted for. I remember feeling more defeated as days passed with no response. After a week had gone by, the only response we got was an implied rejection. We understood why rescue organizations would have a high standard for prospective dog owners, but not knowing why we weren’t being considered felt dejecting. 

Although I wanted to give up on rescuing, I told myself that I would continue waiting until January. I decided to give up on submitting applications for a while to give myself a break from the frustration. Molly saw my open search tab on FOCHP and decided to give it a go. While I was asleep, she found what looked like a beagle puppy named “Buddy”. She applied around midnight and got an email back at 1 AM, saying that there have already been many inquires for Buddy and that he could be adopted on a first come first serve basis. Overwhelmed with excitement, Molly did not sleep at all that night and woke me up at 6am sharp to share the good news. By 7:30 in the morning, we were on the road to Menifee to meet Buddy.


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When I first saw Maru (Buddy), he greeted me with a kiss to the lips. I was surprised how lengthy he was for a 3 month old puppy. We were concerned about how playful and energetic he was and even considered adopting his brother who was more calm. However, Maru’s affection won us over and we came back home with a new puppy.

Fast forward a few months, we have moved to our own apartment but still not married due to COVID-19 postponement. We have found out that Maru is definitely a mutt, mixed with beagle, corgi, labrador retriever, and a few other breeds. He is honestly our pride and joy and spoil him a little too much.

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