My Life on Repeat

I often feel like my life is on repeat.

Monday morning I would wake up, sleepily get ready, drive to work, drink coffee, work some more, and finally drive through traffic to get home. Only to rinse and repeat every weekday, each and every week. Daydreaming my next adventure and spending the weekends with Molly are the only things that fuel me to get through the week. And with that, my week flies by without me realizing. Heck, it’s already a week into the New Year! I made a vow to myself to start accomplishing things in between my repeating schedule, but it’s easy to get lost in the routine. It’s not that I’m not aware that I’m blessed to have a job and to be able to complain about this. I’m well aware that I’m more fortunate than others.

Perhaps it’s the charm of adventure that’s constantly consuming my mind forcing me to hate this constant loop?

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