Proposing Under the Northern Lights

We had just gotten back to the guest house from our second day exploring Iceland. Steven and I cooked instant ramen while the girls showered. After we ate, I went ahead of the group to shower and unwind in our room.

When the rest of the group returned to the room, Molly told me that the lady who ran the guest house came by to inform the group that the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) was visible if we were willing to drive 30 mins East since it was cloudy in our area. Although our group was tired, I reluctantly convinced the group to go.

The thing about the Aurora Borealis is that there is always a small percent chance that you would see it. This isn’t even counting the fact that you need clear skies and the KP level (how bright it is). There are 9 levels and we we’re chasing after a KP level 2. Understanding that there may not be another opportunity, I convinced Molly that it was worth seizing the opportunity.

After driving for about 20 minutes, we finally saw the faint glow of the Aurora Borealis. The adrenaline rushed through me as I rehearsed my lines in my head and unconsciously drove faster.

I turned on the recording of the G7X camera and gave it to Steven. I asked him to “take photos with it” and asked Cindy to do the same but with her iphone camera. Although we planned this ahead, Steven accidentally blurted out “Why is it recording?” Fortunately Molly didn’t notice a thing.

Finally after everyone was ready, I faced Molly and held out the opened Pokeball. It felt like the wind was sucked out of me. I forgot everything I wanted to say nor was I even able to say anything. Molly on the other hand thought it was a joke and told me to get up. Somehow I managed to ask “Would you marry me?” She looked closer and asked if it was candy.

Molly really had no idea I would propose. She thought I haven’t asked her parents and thought I would propose early next year. So after she said yes and I placed the ring on her finger, she admitted that she thought she’d react differently.

She also did not like the that I proposed with a Pokeball. ?

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