Reflecting on 2018


I haven’t really gotten a chance to reflect on 2018 as much as my previous years.

Back then, I had a bad habit of living in the past and thinking of the choices I should have made instead. This year, is different for a lot of reasons.

First off, I finally moved out! I now live in Costa Mesa with some pretty cool roommates. Molly moving in was the cherry on top. Next I finally upgraded from my granny car to my Subaru. I never defined myself by the car I drove, but driving my Crosstrek gives me so much pride and joy that it would seem like I do. And lastly, I took the funniest, most beautiful girl off the market by putting a ring on her finger. I think it’s just now that I got used to calling Molly my fiancée!

2018 had so many blessings and amazing moments that I no longer feel a need to look back. I’m too happy on where my life is at.

On a personal level, I am sure there are things I need to improve on such as my finances, personal growth, and adulting, but I will be heading to 2019 with smile and a little more bounce in my step.

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