How I Met Molly


I’ve always been a big believer in fate. I trusted that if something happens, it will be when it’s suppose to happen. But despite that belief, it didn’t prevent me from doing everything in my power to force it to happen sooner.

I think that’s what made my meeting with Molly special. For once, there wasn’t an ulterior motive.

Our romantic origin story started where any other would… instagram. I was running an account that featured coffee shops around the world while I was getting more and more invested in photography. Molly started following the account due to her friend recommending it. At the time, Molly was working as a photographer for a local wedding photography studio. Long story short, I slid into her DM and asked her to accompany me to a photoshoot.

Unlike my previous pursuits, this was totally platonic. Matter of fact, the person that was modeling for this photoshoot was my crush at the time. I was also not aware that Molly was recently single. She kept that a secret for a month after we first met.

The day I first met Molly was somewhat amusing. We met up at Target so we could carpool to Los Angeles. I thought that she was really pretty, but had a boyfriend and taller than me. Instead of giving me tips and advice to better my photography (the main reason I invited her), she ended up forcing me to model and lay on a dirty area.

For whatever reason, all of my close friends happened to be free and wanted to meet up. Molly, a complete stranger to me and my friends. We visited the Chandelier Tree before grabbing Thai food at Night + Market Song. I normally sit at the closest corner to the front, but Molly sat first at the opposite end next to the wall. So I ended up sitting next to the wall across from Molly. I hate feeling clustered, but all my friends gave me crap for letting Molly, who again was new to everyone, sit alone.

…and that is how our friendship began- over photography, adventure, and thai food.

As much as I wished I met Molly sooner and save me all the time and pointless pursuits, I realized that God or the universe will make it happen when it’s suppose to. Never when you want it. Knowing what I knew now, I wish I can time travel and advise my younger self that time is best spent improving yourself and growing as a person.

Rather than constantly searching and looking for someone that will inevitably come to your life, why not make yourself the absolute best person you can for her?

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