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For every hobby I pursue, I find role models for inspiration. With photography, it’s no different. As an amateur photographer, I am always scrolling through my social media feed for photographs that resonate or compel me. Oddly enough, I did not find any of my favorite photographers myself. Molly, who is better at understanding what I like, was the one who recommended all my favorite photographers to me.

Paola M Franqui

Paola’s street photography truly tells a story. Many of her photographs make you feel physically close to the subject, which helps build a story and invokes either a sense of intimacy or intrusion. Inspired by Vivian Maier, she began to take photos that incorporate reflections and posted them with the hashtag #reflectionstories. What I love most about her photography is that it inspires me to go out and try new things, test creative ideas, and push beyond what feels comfortable. 


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Joe Greer

I’ve never seen someone as passionate about the art of photography as Joe Greer. When listening to him speak, I can hear his excitement for capturing life and feeling. The photos he captures with his Leica M6 are filled with the beauty of the mundane. It feels real and alive as if you yourself are an observer standing in the streets of New York, India, or wherever the moment was captured.


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Dan Tom

There are many amazing landscape photographers, but Dan Tom is my favorite among them. His mindful composition and use of colors make his photos look almost unreal, like a dream or an illustration. Dan’s work compels me to examine the subjects and their placement in the frame. There isn’t much more I can say since his photos speak for themselves. His work is simply beautiful.


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So there you have it, my favorite photographers on Instagram. I encourage you to check out their work and watch youtube videos for more insight of their creative perspective.

Though my list only includes three current photographers, I am always in search of inspiring photographers–past and present. Past photographers like Vivian Maier and Fan Ho have also left an impression on me. If you have a favorite photographer you think I’ll appreciate, please send them my way. 

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