24 Hours in San Diego

24 Hours in San Diego

One of my close girlfriends lives in San Diego, just an hour and a half drive away. Margo’s not far enough for our friendship to be considered long-distance, but she’s just out of reach so that we don’t see each other all too often. When we do see each other, we always pick up right where we left off.

On Friday night after work, Diana and I drove down to SD for a one night + one day trip. I was tired, and mentally prepared for a girls-night-in with wine, movies, and pampering. What we ended up doing instead was down a jug of pre-mixed margarita and two big bags of chips, followed by barhopping downtown at the Gaslamp district.

The highlight of the night was Trailer Park After Dark, which was a fun and colorful bar with such a wide range of music I can’t really assign a genre to it. It was a nice break from the RnB and EDM. As tired as I was, I didn’t regret going out despite the fact that my contacts were dried to my eyeballs.

Saturday revolved around exploring North Park and trying lots of different food. Our first stop was Wow Wow Waffles. The three of us demolished two waffles, one savory and one sweet. I wish I took more photos to capture the cute backyard feel of the place.

We spent some time at a quirky bookstore called Verbatim. My favorite find was a book called Photobooth Dogs, a charming collection of old photos featuring owners and their dogs in photobooths. Some shots went as far back as the early 1900’s!

Pigment Shop

Our longest stop was at Pigment, a modern shop full of cute gifts, plants, home items, and party supplies. I adopted a baby cactus, which I named Sonya. If I didn’t have any self control, I’d have come home with a lot more things and a lot less money.

We stopped by a couple more shops and had some more eats, but the the most noteworthy food find was Olympic Cafe, a mom and pop restaurant featuring the best Greek food I’ve ever had. The three of us shared a gyro and kabob plate. I am definitely getting my own plate next time I come back.

Wow Wow Waffle
Wow Wow Waffle! Left: Candied bacon, goat cheese, avocado. Right: “The Fresh” waffle

We took a power nap back at Margo’s to rest our feet from the walking we did that day and the night prior. We grabbed dinner at a Chinese hotpot restaurant, then ended our night with dessert at Mngo Cafe. Parking was horrendous, but the dessert was well worth it. Our platter featured warm coconutty rose-infused sticky rice, half a sweet mango, a scoop of mango ice cream, and creamy mango pudding.

Full list of everything below!

Friday at Gaslamp, memorable bars:
– Analog
– Tipsy Crow
– McFadden’s
Trailer Park After Dark

Saturday eats and shops:
Wow Wow Waffle
Dark Horse Coffee
Verbatim Books
Pigment (gift shop)
City Tacos
Nomad Donuts
Olympic Cafe (Mediterranean restaurant)
Communal Coffee (and plant nursery/flower shop)
Soda & Swine (known for their meatballs and floats)
Uniboil (Chinese hotpot)
Mngo Cafe

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