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Our mission with our blog and social media is to inspire people to pursue their creative passions. If we could  help inspire even a handful people to pick up their camera or book their first international trip, all of this would be worth it. Therefore we wanted to share some photography couples that we found inspiring as well!

1. Jelly Journeys by Joe and Elly

Joe Allam was my first introduction to the world travel photography and vlogging. After watching his Japan Travel Montage, my desire to visit a foreign country intensified. Joe and his girlfriend Elly combined their names to create Jelly Journeys (pretty clever name), a digital diary of their adventures and experience. His Youtube channel is filled with insightful videos of his ongoing travels, cameras, tech, and tutorials. It was due to his massive influence that I ended up actually shooting with Fujifilm!

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2. Chopsticks on the Loose by Sarah and Eric

Chopsticks on the Loose is what finally convinced me to seriously document our adventures. They continuously post inspiring instagram stories and upload amazing photographs of their adventures, which made me want to take my photography to the next level. Eric does an amazing job visually showing how he edits his photographs and shows the patients to capture certain shots. Even their blog is visually inspiring! Our blog was heavily modeled after theirs (We’re still working on making ours more different lol).

One funny similarity between Chopsticks on the Loose and Jelly Journeys is that their main camera is the Fujifilm X-H1. It should come to no surprised that I ended up getting the same camera too. One last thing is that despite having over 17K followers, they took time to answer a tripod recommendation in much detail. Definitely follow and support them!


3. Eza Chung and Cameron

Although they do not have a joint account or blog (that we know of), this recently engaged photography couple are worth following for their creativity. Cameron has unique ways posing his models and playing with shadows, while Eza effectively uses leading lines to create beautiful images. What makes Eza’s photos even more special is that she only shoots with her iPhone.

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